Harrold Fruit Farming Ltd.
Sunclose Farm
Butt Lane
CB24 6DQ


If you would like to work on a fruit farm, we will be recruiting more staff for July-November  2020.  A few jobs may start in June.   This will mainly be for picking strawberries at waist height, picking raspberries and general plant husbandry.  As fruit ripens all week we will be looking to recruit people able to work 6 days a week Monday to Saturday.  Start time is usually 7:30 am.   

Whatever the job and whatever the age, (we are only recruiting over 18’s) we pay a minimum of £8.72 for the first 48 hours per week. We run PAYE and deduct National Insurance, Tax etc.

There seems to be a problem with the contact form below, in that not all completed contact forms  are getting through to us from the website. Therefore you must email us directly and do NOT use the below contact form. If you have used the contact form previously and not had a response, please email again on the address below.

In your email you need to tell us:

Your first and family name

The reason why you are sending the email. If it is for a job for yourself, then please also give your date of birth. (We are only recruiting people 18 years old and above)

If you email us with the above information and asking for work for yourself, then we will aim to reply within a week with further questions / information.
If you are asking about work for others, then they need to apply for themselves, from their own email address. We only accept applications by the candidate, by email.

The email to use is:

Do NOT use the below contact form. It is still here because we have not been able to delete it.


May 6th, 2020